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Clean energy for EU islands

Clean Energy Transition Agenda Template

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The Island Clean Energy Transition Agenda is a strategic roadmap for the transition process towards clean energy as desired by the stakeholders on the island. The proposed methodology is based on best practices and lessons learnt from transition management experiences in Europe to address climate change at a local level.

The transition aims in the first place to decarbonise the island’s energy supply. It can furthermore intend additional objectives such as reducing pollution, strengthening the local economy and improving the quality of life of inhabitants and visitors, while maintaining or improving the quality and security of supply.

This template contains guiding principles for island communities wishing to develop a strategic vision of the clean energy transition for their island, including on how to develop

  • Coherent and effective community building and stakeholder involvement to ensure continuity and clear understanding of each stakeholder’s position, role and responsibility in the decarbonisation process

  • A de-carbonisation plan bringing together the visions of the island community and the opportunities and actions to fulfil these. The progress is monitored and adjusted according to the collective vision of the island community

  • A financial concept to ensure feasible financial coverage for implementation of the de-carbonisation plan with the use of locally owned and managed financing solutions


CETA Template (English)
(1.13 MB - DOCX)