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Clean energy for EU islands

Technical Assistance

PHASE I - Support to the development of Clean Energy Transition Agendas (2019-2020)


During Phase I, the CE4EUI secretariat worked with 6 pilot islands and 20 pioneering islands and island groups from 10 different European countries to develop their Clean Energy Transition Agendas (CETAs). This represents a roadmap for the clean energy transition process, designed by the local community, for the local community. The information contained in the CETA provides an overview of the island’s energetic profile and constitutes the baseline upon which to define strategies and action plans towards full decarbonization.

Building on the lessons learnt with the pilot islands - who published their CETAs in November 2019 - the pioneering islands developed their strategic plans to start (or to continue) with the clean energy transition while involving the main stakeholders on the island. The Secretariat collaborated with the pioneering islands by steering the writing process and providing methodological and technical guidance. CETAs are available here


PHASE II - Technical assistance to clean energy projects, (2020-2022)

In the second phase, the CE4EUI secretariat offered specific project support to 37 European islands and island groups to further advance in their clean energy transition. From formulating strategic energy transition plans and performing grid integration studies to carrying out regulatory analysis and helping in finding financingthis technical support aimed to bring concrete solutions to each island’s specific challenge. 

The experts from within the Secretariat worked closely with the islands’ representatives and the network of Regional Partners, to understand the peculiarities of each request and provide the right support, tailored to the project and stage of transition of each island. As a result of this phase, the participating islands were provided with technical reports that served as a basis to steer their energy transition and advance the right projects towards implementation. Technical reports are available here.


PHASE III - 30 renewable energy islands for 2030, (2023-2026)

The aim of the third phase of the CE4EUI secretariat is to provide technical support to 30 islands or groups of islands for three years, to propel them towards the ambitious target of achieving complete energy independence through 100% renewable sources by 2030. The Secretariat is assisting EU islands in devising, preparing, and implementing decarbonisation plans for their energy systems and will strive to extend technical and organisational support to ensurcomprehensive guidance in this journey. 

The Secretariat’s support is mainly provided in the form of expert services spanning from pre and feasibility studies, to full-fetch financing plans, to lead as many projects as possible to their final stages of implementation. In addition, the Secretariat is reinforcing its emphasis on islands’ communities and stakeholders and is organising 20 topic-specific, in-person workshops as part of its capacity-building activities. Finally, building upon the experience from the previous phases, the Secretariat is committed to fostering a collaborative environment, encouraging knowledge and experience sharing among the participating islands and their transition teams. Several follower islands will also be invited to learn from the experience of the 30 for 2030 and be active members of the CE4EUI ecosystem.