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Clean energy for EU islands


Study Report |
Report: Technical Assistance for Thira

Thira applied with the project Energy Upgrades in the Port Infrastructure of Thira for the second call for technical assistance from the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat in April...

Clean Energy Transition Agenda: Favignana

In this report, the completed first part of the CETA is first provided in the original Italian language in which it was written. The material can be used as is...

Study Report |
Report: Technical Assistance for Samos

Samos is a Greek island located in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos, and the Dodecanese, and off the coast of western Turkey, from which it...

Study Report |
Report: Technical Assistance for Syros

Syros municipality has been proactive in preparation of mandatory Electric Vehicle Charging Plan in coordination with distribution system operator, HEDNO. The plan has been adopted and it foresees thirty four...

Study Report |
Summary: Technical Assistance for Linos

The Renewable Energy Community On Linosa (RECOnLi) project on Linosa, Italy, foresees the installation of a photovoltaic (PV) power plant on public land with a capacity of 405 kW, 40...

Study Report |
Report: Technical Assistance for Pantelleria

Pantelleria is an Italian island and commune in the Strait of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, 100 kilometres southwest of Sicily and 60 km east of the Tunisian coast. Administratively...

Guidebook |
Engagement guide

This engagement guide aims to provide island transition teams with tips, guidance, and inspiration on how to involve, liaise, and include stakeholders in all stages of the clean energy transition...

Clean Energy Transition Agenda |
Clean Energy Transition Agenda: Kos

Learn more about the clean energy transition vision and planning on the island of Kos, Greece. Kos is one of the Greek Dodecanese islands. It is known for its abundant...