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Clean energy for EU islands

Clean energy vision to clean energy action

The Clean energy for EU islands secretariat, an initiative of the European Commission, is the central platform for the clean energy transition of the more than 2,200 inhabited European islands. Despite having access to renewable sources of energy, such as wind and wave energy, many of them depend on expensive fossil fuel imports for their energy supply.

The Islands secretariat’s website acts as a center to showcase best islands practices. It informs about policy and regulatory issues for Europe’s island communities and provides dedicated advice for capacity building and clean energy transitioning.

News and events

Virtual Island Summit 2023

The Virtual Island Summit 2023 will host eight Content Tracks. Each Track is a learning path with...

Clean energy for EU islands community

Islands all over Europe are accelerating their clean energy transition, and their stories are truly inspiring! The Clean energy for EU islands secretariat supports Europe’s islands in their journey with technical support, capacity-building activities and networking opportunities.

Check out our interactive map below to learn more about how the EU's pioneering islands are working with all stakeholders in their communities to advance renewable energy production, energy efficiency, clean transport solutions among others, and how this enables the islands to create diverse and prosperous local economies and healthy communities.

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