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Clean energy for EU islands

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Our supporters are organisations that have signed a declaration of support and bring expertise and experience to the initiative.

133 supporting organisations

Civil society organisation |
Som Energia SCCL

Som Energia is a non-profit green energy consumption cooperative. Our main activities are the commercialization and production of renewable energy. We are committed to promoting a change in the current...

Civil society organisation |
Sifnos Island Cooperative - SIC

We are a group of people who inhabit, descend from or just love Sifnos. We have created an innovative social entrepreneurial activity of citizens which welcomes all who wish to...

Educational organisation |
Universidade do Algarve

The University of Algarve is a young state university, located in the southern part of Portugal, one of the most touristic regions of Portugal.The University has witnessed a significant growth...

Energy or environmental agency |

As the Island Development Agency we are in contact with most of public, business and non-governmental organizations active on the archipelago. It coordinates the implementation of some local development initiatives...

Public authority |

Sodepal, as an instrument of public utility of the Hon. Island Council of La Palma, organically dependent on the Ministry of Economic Promotion, assumes a leading role in the generation...

Civil society organisation |
Comhar Caobhán

We are a not for profit community development company, working to improve the islanders way of life.

Energy or environmental agency |

ENEA is a body governed by public law aimed at research, technological innovation and the provision of advanced services to businesses, the public administration and citizens in the sectors of...

Civil society organisation |
Comharchumann Fuinnimh Oileáin Áran Teo - CFOAT

We are a community owned energy cooperative on the Aran Islands at the mouth of Galway Bay representing the three Aran Islands and their inhabitants in terms of energy. We...

Technology provider |
akaryon GmbH

akaryon is a research-based SME specialized in environmental informatics. Our main topics are sustainability, renewable energies and the protection of the environment. By developing software and tools in this context...