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Clean energy for EU islands

Supporting organisations

Our supporters are organisations that have signed a declaration of support and bring expertise and experience to the initiative.

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Comune di Lampedusa e Linosa

Lampedusa e Linosa is an Italian town inhabited by 6 540 residents of the free municipal consortium of Agrigento in Sicily. Southernmost municipality in Italy, its administrative headquarters is in...

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Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund was established under the provisions of Article 60, paragraph 5, of the Environmental Protection Act (OG 82/94 and 128/99) and Article 11 of...

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Kökar is a small island far out in the Baltic Sea. The area of Kökar including sea is 2.165 km2, whereof land 64 km2. Although the distance from main Åland...

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Region Gotland

Gotland is the largest island in Sweden, a popular summer destination, but also a vivid island with a University Campus, active agriculture and industries, located in the Baltic Sea, between...

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Ministério do Mar

The area of Government of the Sea has as its mission the transversal coordination of marine affairs through the definition and monitoring of the National Strategy for the Sea, promotion...

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Capitania do Porto de Olhão

The National Maritime Authority is responsible for coordinating the activities to be carried out by the Navy, the Directorate-General of the Maritime Authority (DGAM) and by the General Command of...

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Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente - APA

The Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) is a new public institute, within the scope of the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment and Energy Transition. Our mission is to propose, develop and...

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Sodepal, as an instrument of public utility of the Hon. Island Council of La Palma, organically dependent on the Ministry of Economic Promotion, assumes a leading role in the generation...