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Type of organisation
Public authority
Number of members
1 - 10
Languages spoken
La diversificación de la economía es nuestro presente y futuro, para construir, entre todos, una sociedad más justa con nuevas oportunidades.

Sodepal, as an instrument of public utility of the Hon. Island Council of La Palma, organically dependent on the Ministry of Economic Promotion, assumes a leading role in the generation of economic activity on the island.

From the Economic Promotion and Development Society of La Palma, numerous projects of public interest are carried out for the economic promotion, revitalization or opening of roads for their later use by the private sector. Due to this nature, Sodepal assumes a work dynamic marked by the active search and detection of new work niches that require the opening of communication channels and generation of synergies, for their later use.

The most important value of Sodepal is, its human team, who assume the execution of projects that place our island in the sports elite, the social vanguard, or simply be an example of projects that help the commercialization and professionalization of our primary sector. Projects like Transvulcania, Isla Bonita Love Festival or Marketing, constitute the Haber of this great team.




Avenida de Los Indianos, 14, 2º B.
C.P. 38700. Santa Cruz de La Palma.