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Clean energy for EU islands


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Workshop Facilitation Guide

This guide is designed to help you make your meetings and workshops a success - online and in real life, no matter whether you are just starting out and need to develop a vision or strategy, whether you want to develop a specific project, or whether you need to take some time to consolidate your community.

Video: Cres-Lošinj in transition

The video “Energy transition of the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago” consists of a series of statements made by representatives of several stakeholders involved in the energy transition in the archipelago. Less than...

Clean Energy Transition Agenda |
Clean Energy Transition Agenda: A Illa de Arousa

A Illa de Arousa considers it a priority to promote a cleaner and more sustainable energy model from which the island’s future generations will be able to benefit. Their transition...

Clean Energy Transition Agenda |
Clean Energy Transition Agenda: Kasos & Symi

The Greek islands of Kasos and Symi developed transition agendas in which they aim for energy independence and active citizen participation while ensuring safe, sufficient and affordable energy access. View...

Guidebook |
Brand guidelines

The Brand guidelines for the Clean Energy for EU Islands initiative are made for you who have signed either the pledge as a Transtion Team on an island or as...

High resolution logo

The High Resolution logo can be used by all Islands and Supporting organisations who have either pledged as an island in transition or as a Supporting organisation. Please use the...

Guidebook |
Beleid voor lokaal eigendom

Hoe kun je burgerparticipatie en lokaal eigendom bij hernieuwbare energieprojecten borgen in beleid? En welke voorwaarden kun je stellen aan nieuwe energieprojecten in je gemeente? De handreiking 'Beleid voor lokaal...

Promotional Material |
Highlights from the Pilot years

The Clean energy for EU islands secretariat was established as a pilot in order to assess the needs for developing the Initiative further. Check out the publication with a series...