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Clean energy for EU islands


Clean Energy Transition Agenda Template

The Island Clean Energy Transition Agenda is a strategic roadmap for the transition process towards clean energy as desired by the stakeholders on the island. The proposed methodology is based...

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National legislation for EU islands - policy briefs

Thanks to the national partners of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat, islands can now learn about the island-related policies in their country and other EU countries in one...

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Islands Transition Handbook

The Islands Transition Handbook is an action-oriented guide to start and help navigate the transition towards clean energy for your island. The handbook instructs on how to develop a Clean...

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Quick-reference guide on financing

In this guide you will receive a short introduction to the general potential barriers and possibilities for the financing of decarbonisation plans.

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Island Guide to clean energy transition research

This document provides an overview of open-access research relevant to the clean energy transition, with a specific focus on islands. Highlighting a number of technologies and transition approaches to advance...

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Islands Playbook

The Islands Playbook provides an action-oriented guide to successfully initiating, planning, and completing a transition to an energy system that primarily relies on local resources to eliminate a dependence on one or two imported fuels. Published by the Energy Transition Initiative, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy‘s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

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How to achieve 100% renewable energy

This policy handbook takes a closer look at these early pioneers to provide inspiration and concrete examples to other jurisdictions that are aiming to embark on the clean energy transition. Published by the World Future Council.

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Transition management in the urban context

This manual offers an introduction to transition management, illustrated by the experiences in five different urban contexts. It provides food for thought on key aspects to take into account when starting a clean energy transition in an urban context. Published by the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions.