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Clean energy for EU islands


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Italy has 450 islands with a high diversity in size, population, and distance to the mainland. 10.9 % of Italian population (6,500,922 people) lives on the islands. Largest Italian islands and the most populated Italian islands in the Mediterranean, Sicily and Sardinia, have regional governments as defined by the Italian constitution. Smaller islands are governed by the overarching region. In many cases these smaller islands consist of their own municipality.

Clean energy national targets

The Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan for Italy for the period 2021-2030 sets the target for renewables at 30% in gross final consumption of energy in 2030. In the electricity sector, renewable energy generation is projected to reach almost 55% in 2030 (compared to 34.1% in 2017). For heating and cooling a share of 33.9% was set for renewables. In the transport sector, Italy aims to reach 22% by 2030.


Regulatory factsheet 2021-10-29
Italy regulatory factsheet
Italy regulatory factsheet cover
(166.13kB - application/pdf)

Country study

STUDY - Regulatory barriers in Italy: findings and recommendations

This Study on legal and regulatory barriers for the clean energy transition on Italian islands is the result of a consultative process. Based on an inventory of the current legislation and information...

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Country booklet

BOOKLET - Regulatory barriers in Italy: findings and recommendations

Italy has recently implemented national and regional policy measures to facilitate the energy transition on the Italian islands. However, several major challenges remain. Based on an inventory of the...

italy booklet
(2.52MB - application/pdf)