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Linosa is a small Italian island of volcanic origin in the Sicily Channel between Tunisia, Sicily and Malta. It is part of the Pelagie Islands (Lampedusa, Linosa, Lampione) and administratively belongs to the Municipality of Lampedusa and Linosa, in the Province of Agrigento (Sicily). Linosa has an area of 5.4 km2, about a quarter of the size of Lampedusa, but has just 430 inhabitants, which is only 7% of the population of the overall municipality.

Due to the volcanic nature of the island, agriculture thrives particularly well; capers, lentils, vines, lentils and figs are grown. The island produces many agricultural products itself, but does not export large quantities to the mainland due to its small size. Fishing is done by small boats, as there is no port for industrial fishing vessels. The island's economy is mainly based on tourism, which is attracted by the unique and unspoilt beauty of the island and the marine flora and fauna that surround it.

Linosa is connected by ferry daily to Lampedusa and Sicily. Being the island non connected to the national power grid, electricity needs are currently covered by diesel generators, while a desalination plant provides drinkable water.


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