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Energy Academy Portugal Edition

De 28 a 29 de abril, o secretariado para a energia limpa para as ilhas da UE organiza a Academia de Energia destinada às ilhas portuguesas. A equipa do secretariado pretende apoiar os habitantes das ilhas a escolher, avaliar, executar e comunicar projetos de transição energética, através de uma série de sessões da Academia de Energia.
O evento será realizado em português, sem tradução.

Inscreva-se agora, há apenas um número limitado de lugares.


RdA Climate Solutions

Climate change is a major threat to development with multiple impacts. Scientists confirm unequivocally global warming and that humans are causing most of it through activities that increase concentrations of greenhouse gases. Major changes are being observed.

At RdA Climate Solutions, we believe that the most dangerous climate changes may still be avoided but immediate global action is needed to limit  greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to changes that are already locked in.


Coopérnico is a Portuguese renewable energy cooperative that combines its sustainability oriented and social nature with the support of solidarity, education and environmental protection projects. Coopérnico's mission is to engage citizens and companies in the creation of a new energetic, economic and social paradigm that benefits both society and the environment: renewable, efficient, fair and decentralized. Coopérnico has 3 main activity areas: renewable energy production, energy efficiency and commercialization (retail).

IQ Consult GmbH (IQC)

We are a Swiss micro enterprise based in Portugal offering technology scouting, mediation and consultancy for innovative 'Green' Desalination, (W)WT, Bio Waste Mgmt. & Renewable Energy (RE) Technologies:

Innovative RE (biogas, PV, wind) powered desalination technology using brine co-product for salt production enabling short-time CAPEX recovery up to 100% and profit generation, whilst avoiding degradation of marine environment by rejecting waste brine back to the ocean as commonly practiced by SWRO 


ABO Wind is a globally successful project developer for renewable energies with over550 employees. Since 1996, the company has connected around 700 wind energy, solar and biogas plants with an output of 2,400 megawatts to the grid.

We are currently working on the development of new projects with a total capacity of ten gigawatts. These projects are located in 16 countries on four continents and exceed the capacity of four average nuclear power plants. Two thirds of the projects under development are wind projects and one third are solar Projects.

Akuo Energy

Akuo is a renewable energy global player. The company is present across the whole value chain, including project development, financing, construction, and operation. As of end-2018, Akuo Energy had invested more than EUR 2.2 billion for a total capacity of 1.2 GW in operation or under construction and had over 3 GW in projects being developed. With more than 350 employees, the Group, whose headquarters are in Paris, France, has offices in 18 countries around the world. Akuo Energy aims a global production capacity of 3,500 MW in 2022. 

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