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São Jorge

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São Jorge is located in the Azores archipelago. Situated between Pico and Faial islands, it is separated by the 15-kilometre Pico-São Jorge Channel. Referred to as part of the Triângulo group, São Jorge is a relatively long and narrow island with towering cliffs. Home to 8,373 inhabitants, the population is concentrated in geological debris fields (fajãs) along the north and south coasts. The island spans 53 kilometres from east to west and is eight kilometres wide from north to south, covering an area of 237.59 square kilometres.

São Jorge had a demand of 29 GWh and the peak was 5.4 MW (2022). RES penetration in São Jorge was 9% (2022). São Jorge also has one wind farm.

The aim is to prepare the islands of Faial, Pico and São Jorge for the impact on the electricity system resulting from charging the new electric passenger and vehicle ferries project. The objective of identifying innovative solutions that contribute to the Azores' energy transition. In addition to determining the optimal method for providing capacity to the electricity system to support the electric ferries, the analysis will explore the potential for charging these ships to enhance the integration of a higher proportion of renewable energy production.

Please note that the island of São Jorge has jointly applied for the 30 for 2030 call with Faial | Clean energy for EU islands ( and Pico | Clean energy for EU islands (


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