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ReThink for Sustainable Solutions

Rethink Sustainable Solutions, S.r.l.s. is an engineering and technical consulting firm that wants to foster the transition to a Circular Economy model. In order to abandon the current ‘take-make-consume and dispose’ pattern of growth, we support changes throughout value chains, from product design to new business and market models, from new ways of turning waste into a resource to new modes of consumer behaviour. To fulfill this mission, we design innovative solutions in the energy and environment fields, with the integration of the digital channels.

Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Renewable Energy: we provide engineering and technical advisory services in wind, solar, wave, and hydro projects. We study, design and develop innovative business models for our projects

  • Environment: we provide solutions for: reducing the use of energy and materials; creating markets for secondary raw materials and industrial symbiosis

  • Innovation Management: we assist our clients in accessing funds for their projects



Rethink S.r.l.s. 

Via dei Principati, 17 - 84100, Salerno (Sa) ITALY