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Clean energy for EU islands


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Finland has 75,818 islands with an area over 0.5 ha. This includes both inland islands (on lakes) and marine islands (on the Baltic sea). Among those, 430 islands are inhabited during the year and have no permanent road connection to the mainland. Many of the Finnish islands are very small: only 76 have an area of more than 10 km². Of the total population of Finland, 1 % lives on the islands. This corresponds to 35,947 people.

Most Finnish islands are governed by local and regional authorities on the mainland, although some islands are also their own municipality. The Åland Islands are an exception, as they have a special autonomous status defined by the Finnish constitution. The region has its own climate and energy strategy and is entitled to decide on matters that concern domestic issues, some taxes, health care, social welfare, education, roads, labour, etc.

Clean energy national targets

The Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan for Finland for the period 2021-2030 aims to increase its RES-E consumption from the current 41% to 53% by 2030. In the heating sector, the share of RES will rise from 54% to 61%. In the transport sector, the target for biofuels in the fuel mix from 20 % in 2020 to 30 % in 2030.


Regulatory factsheet 2021-10-29
Finland regulatory factsheet
Finland regulatory factsheet cover
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