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Region Gotland

Region Gotland


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Gotland is the largest island in Sweden, a popular summer destination, but also a vivid island with a University Campus, active agriculture and industries, located in the Baltic Sea, between the Swedish and Baltic coasts. Of the few surrounding islands that also belongs to the area of Gotland as a public body, the nearby Fårö, is the only one populated. Region Gotland consists of these islands and their surrounding marine waters. The permanent population of around 59,300 is accompanied by visitors and semi-residents; an annual average population is estimated to be close to 65,000 persons. Region Gotland’s remits are responsibility for regional growth, education,child & elderly care, social & cultural services, technical services; health care and public transports. The vision for sustainable energy on Gotland is: “Local supply of renewable and recycled energy meet the total energy use in the society on Gotland, inclusive the industrial need”. That is, on annual basis, the supply of local renewable power, heat and transport fuel shall exceed the total demand of energy. Gotland has a long record of active and successful initiatives for the transition towards a sustainable energy system, since 2017 supported by the National Energy Agency as Gotland is pointed out by the Swedish Gov. as a pilot area for energy transition. Region Gotland contributes in its own operations and with support. 




Region Gotland

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