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Clean energy for EU islands

Artios Energy Limited


Type of organisation
Energy or environmental agency
Number of members
1 - 10
Languages spoken
Activity keywords
Renewable energy integration
Renewable energy
Wind power
Solar energy
Energy network simulation
Planning and design
Energy transmission
Renewable Energy Experts

We are renewable energy consultant professionals, with over 10 years of experience in all aspects of electrical connections of renewable energy projects, from the initial design to final grid connection. We provide connection feasibility studies,  electrical design and Grid Code compliance, connection applications and contract review, operational charges assessment, technical and financial due diligence.

Whether it is an onshore or offshore wind farm, a solar energy project, a battery storage site, or a small hydro scheme, we can assist with the electrical connection, and offer the appropriate solution at high quality, and competitive cost.



18/4 Woodburn Terrace,

EH10 4SJ,