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Electricity production license process

Abbreviated form of legal source

S.L. 545.13

Description of the process

The REWS issues authorisation and the electricity generation licences.
The electricity production licencing process in Malta differs depending on whether PV installation is to be under the feed-in tariff scheme or not.
PV systems not benefitting from the feed-in tariff:
- Electricity generating stations equal or below 16 Amps per phase which do not require a license (REWS must still be notified).
- Electricity generating stations exceeding 16 Amps per phase, which require authorisation prior to its construction and an electricity generation licence once construction is finished.
PV systems benefitting from the feed-in tariff (FiT)
In case anyone wants to install a solar PV installation and also benefit from a FiT, the process is slightly longer and proceeds in two main stages. In the first stage, a ‘Details to DSO’ letter from REWS needs to be obtained. Following that, the authorisation proceeds to the DSO Enemalta for obtaining a ‘No objection’ confirmation. That is followed by stage two at REWS, referring to obtaining the licence to generate electricity

Competent authority

Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS)


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