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Regulatory informationPermits and authorisation processes

Administrative authorization process

Abbreviated form of legal source

SFP 2017
S.L. 545.13

Description of the process

Regulations for rooftop PV projects are less complicated than for ground-mounted PV. The Solar Farms Policy 2017 (SFP 2017) outlines that solar panels can be installed under the development notification order (DNO), which is faster and simpler than other planning regulations.
A person wanting to install a PV panel on the rooftop just has to comply with the guidance of the Planning Authority.
Ground-mounted PV
For ground-mounted PV projects, a Full Development Application needs to be submitted to the Planning Authority. This type of application is very detailed and includes a 30-day period during which the public can object. The application is also referred to 11 external consultees for feedback from their end, so it takes longer for it to be processed.
Benefitting from FiT and obtaining authorisation for electricity generation (Combined application)
Stage I
Anyone wishing to benefit from FiT for solar PVs needs to apply to REWS before the installation process.
The first step is to submit application Part 1 PV operating aid, which combines both the request for the allocation of FiT and the application for an authorisation/notification process required by S.L. 545.13. For installations larger than 16 Amps per phase, Part I concludes with the issuing of an authorisation to install the system, which includes a ‘Details to DSO’ letter. The DSO must then confirm that it does not object and provide a document of technical details.
Stage II
After obtaining a ‘No objection’ confirmation from the DSO, the applicant can instal the solar PVs. Anyone allocated FiT through the Part I process has to apply again to REWS, using form entitled Part 2 Operating Aid.

Competent authority

Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS)


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