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Connection to the grid

Abbreviated form of legal sources

S.L. 545.13


Connecting a renewable energy generator to the grid must be preceded by obtaining a written approval from REWS. After REWS has issued an authorisation to construct the installation, the client submits information about the system to Enemalta. Enemalta will then conduct a grid connection study. Cost for the grid connection study depends on the size of the installations (RES Simplify).
The following producers are exempt from the requirement for obtaining an electricity production license:
- those who produce electricity solely for their own use, are not connected in parallel to the distribution system and have installed a total peak generation capacity of less than 1,500 kVA or
- Operators with a total peak generation capacity that is rated up to and including 16 Amps per phase, single-phase or multi-phase, 230/400V AC, and produced solely from renewable energy sources or by cogeneration plants (these producers will need to notify the REWS) (1st Schedule S.L. 545.13).

Priority to renewable energy

Priority to renewable energy