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Denmark consists of the peninsula of Jutland and 1.419 islands, 443 of which have been named and of which 78 are inhabited. Of these, the largest and most densely populated are Zealand (7,031 km²), on which the capital Copenhagen is situated, the North Jutland Island (4,685 km²) and Funen (3,101 km²). Other islands are below 90 km². Population of people living on the islands is 3.193.343 or 54.68% of the total population. Some islands are separate municipalities and will as such have the same municipal autonomy as mainland municipalities. Otherwise, island municipalities are treated the same as the mainland municipalities.

Clean energy national targets

According to the Danish Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan, the country aims for a renewable share of total energy consumption of approximately 55% in 2030. Denmark expects the renewables share in the heating and cooling sector to increase from 53.5 % in 2020 to 59.9 % in 2030. For the RES-T sector, it is expected that by 2030, 19% of the energy consumption will come from renewable sources.


Regulatory factsheet 2021-10-29
Denmark regulatory factsheet
Denmark regulatory factsheet cover
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Country study

Study Report
Case study report Denmark

First findings from the Danish research project “Match” under the ERA-NET Smart Grid program, based on case studies from the 3 Danish Islands; Fur, Samsø and Als.