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Clean energy for EU islands

Engagement guide

This engagement guide aims to provide island transition teams with tips, guidance, and inspiration on how to involve, liaise, and include stakeholders in all stages of the clean energy transition process. Effectively engaging with the relevant actors that could be affected by the transition is a key for its success. This prominently involves the local stakeholders on the island, but also regional, national, and European organisations.

From vision to action : how to tackle transition on EU islands? : methodological handbook

Welcome to the Islands Clean Energy Transition Handbook. This Handbook is an action- oriented guide to help islands navigate the transition toward clean energy. It follows a central methodology (EXPLORE, SHAPE, ACT) to cover ideas and projects in all stages of the clean energy transition. It also provides examples of European islands and includes references to key publications. The EXPLORE part addresses islands that are just starting their clean energy transition.

Workshop Facilitation Guide

This guide is designed to help you make your meetings and workshops a success - online and in real life, no matter whether you are just starting out and need to develop a vision or strategy, whether you want to develop a specific project, or whether you need to take some time to consolidate your community.

Brand guidelines

The Brand guidelines for the Clean Energy for EU Islands initiative are made for you who have signed either the pledge as a Transtion Team on an island or as a Supporting organisation who have signed the Declaration of support. 

Please use the logo and brand responsibly. 


Beleid voor lokaal eigendom

Hoe kun je burgerparticipatie en lokaal eigendom bij hernieuwbare energieprojecten borgen in beleid? En welke voorwaarden kun je stellen aan nieuwe energieprojecten in je gemeente? De handreiking 'Beleid voor lokaal eigendom' geeft voorbeelden van concrete beleidsteksten en biedt een heldere context over waarom lokaal eigendom belangrijk is en wat daarover is afgesproken in het Klimaatakkoord.

Islands Transition Handbook

The Islands Transition Handbook is an action-oriented guide to start and help navigate the transition towards clean energy for your island. The handbook instructs on how to develop a Clean Energy Transition Agenda and provides inspiration for the next steps as well as a check-list for clean energy transition management.

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