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Clean energy for EU islands

Smart grids


SAMPOL is a Spanish company with a long history of more than 88 years. We lead in engineering projects, especially in the energy field. This includes renewable energy, energy-saving solutions, sustainability, and bringing digital technology into our work. We have a strong presence in various countries, especially in the industrial, hotel and transport sectors.


LocalRES is an EU-funded project that will deploy innovative local energy systems to put renewable energy into the hands of communities and people. The project will boost structural changes in the current energy system at different levels: generation, market, distribution and consumers.


FLASC is developing a Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage (HPES) system tailored for offshore applications. The objective is to bridge the gap between intermittent renewable energy production and a fluctuating consumer demand. This allows, for example, large offshore wind farms to improve the quality of the power that they provide to consumer grids, and also to supply reliable power to island grids and remote offshore locations, such as oil & gas infrastructure.

Carbery Housing Association CLG

Carbery Housing Association is a community based social housing developer and provider, approved by the Department of Housing. CHA purchases and leases properties to provide long term housing for rent for families who cannot afford to rent of buy on the open market. We secure local authority support and loan funding to develop these initiatives. We at present have 20 properties which are being rented to families nominated by the local Councils.

Call for tender: Smart Connected Objects on Ushant Island (ICE Project)


The SDEF is one of the partners of the ICE project of the European program Interreg France-England, which aims to design and implement for the isolated territories of the English Channel area, and in particular Ushant (FR), intelligent solutions in terms of energy by the deployment of “smart-grid”.

Planair SA

Consulting Engineers for Sustainable Development.

Founded in 1985 in Switzerland, Planair was created to offer engineering and advisory services for sustainable development. The Planair team develops and implements innovative solutions in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, island & smart grid systems planning, engineering and industry partnerships.

Easy Smart Grid

Easy Smart Grid focusses on the integration of more renewable energy through demand side management, in a more reliable and efficient way. It creates a market platform where energy producers and consumers can exchange energy and flexibility. With our patented technology, electrical equipment (Heating, cooling, pumping, EVs, Household equipment) shift their consumption based on price signals derived from grid information (Frequency, power), the decision is taken locally (Swarm intelligence) and the system can react in real-time.

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