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Clean energy for EU islands


Small Islands Organisation

The NGO Small Islands Organisation (SMILO) supports small islands of less than 150km² towards the sustainable management of their territory and resources. It bolsters integrated operations for the preservation of islands’ natural resources, in relation to water and sanitation, waste, energy, biodiversity, landscapes and heritage issues. The Sustainable Island label rewards the positive local dynamics and sustainable practices. Currently, 18 islands are involved in the labelling process.

LINCC UIB (Laboratori Interdisciplinary sobre Canvi Climàtic de la UIB) - University of the Balearic Islands

The Interdisciplinary Lab on Climate Change of the University of the Balearic Islands is a hub of researchers from many  different disciplines that work on climate change: physics, biology, engineering, chemistry, economy, law, mathematics and computing, education and philosophy.

The main aims of the LINCC are:

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