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Clean energy for EU islands

QuinteQ Energy, the world's most advanced flywheel technology


Type of organisation
Number of members
1 - 10
Languages spoken
Nederlands (NL)
To boldly go where no flywheel has gone before.

Islands are the ideal testbed for identifying, testing and introducing energy innovations. Island communities are resilient by nature therefore more inclined towards introducing systems and solutions that help to protect their community and increase their self-reliance. Clean energy-based microgrids are a way for islands to create a cleaner living environment, reduce dependence on fossil-based fuels and supply chains and reduce the overall cost of energy. Energy storage is the Holy Grail in the Energy Transition and the smaller the grid, the more impactful the introduction of intermitten renewable energy sources is. Storage will be required to (time) shift the load or the generation to balance supply and demand on the grid. Peak power surges need to be shaved and power dips need to be filled. Moreover, as diesel-based powergeneration is taken out, the grid needs an alternative source of inertia and frequency control. It is therefore that we are honored to be part of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Community as QuinteQ is introducing the world's most advanced flywheel energy storage technology. With standby losses of 0.1%/hr, C-rates of 10-20, over 350.000 cycles and a cycle cost of EUR 0,03/kWh, we believe we can offer island communities a very valuable addition to optimize the island microgrid. QuinteQ can stack functions like multi-MW energy storage, peak shaving, voltage control and natural inertia with one single solution, plug and play.. 



Griftdijk Zuid 77

6663 BB, Lent

The Netherlands