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Clean energy for EU islands

Oceans United


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11 - 50
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Nederlands (NL)
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Saving our oceans now... An innovative solution for a global problem

Oceans United has the unique ability to bring cleanup efforts to remote maritime areas of the world because we include recycling technology onboard our vessels.  The built-up masses of waste debris can now be effectively and efficiently addressed to help restore the health and beauty of these areas to take environmental pressure off their vital ecosystems.  In addition, Island governments are increasingly recognizing that our technology can be used to help permanently solve their local waste management problems with a land-based version of our P2F recycling system for a comprehensive solution.

The ability of local governments to provide a new viable waste management solution to this legacy problem changes the whole economics of these communities. In addition, it now allows for economic incentives to be paid to anyone for the collection and return of plastic waste. This could aid millions of the poorest people in the world while permanently changing the mindset and behaviour toward waste management. 

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Oceans United (USA)

200 Spectrum Center Drive

Suite 300

Irvine, California 92618

The United States of America

Oceans United NL (in Formation)

The Netherlands