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Clean energy for EU islands

Flexens Oy Ab


Type of organisation
Energy or environmental agency
Number of members
1 - 10
Languages spoken
Activity keywords
Affordable renewable integration
Energy market modeling
Renewable energy
Energy transmission
Microgrid and hybrid systems
Feasibility studies
We develop, consult, and build society-scale sustainable and flexible energy systems

Flexens is a project development and investor focusing on designing, implementing and integrating sustainable and flexible energy systems based on renewable energy sourcesFlexens core capabilities in system integration and sector coupling is utilised to create the multi-technology assets that are needed to make the renewable energy transition possible

We also offer a full spectrum of advisory services such as energy system modeling, feasibility studies, project development and citizen engagement. Through our team, our ecosystem network and industry-leading shareholders, we have access to cutting edge technology, specialist know-how and financial backing.

Flexens was founded in 2018 to become a world-leading project development company for advanced sustainable and flexible energy systems. Our roots are in the R&D based ambitious Smart Energy Åland demonstration project. The demonstration, implemented by Flexens and its business ecosystem of cooperation partners, is showing how the full-scale society on the Åland Islands can work 100% self-sufficiently based on 100% renewable energy.

Connect with us to learn more,

Åsa Hedman - Head of Business Development

+358 40 570 3798





Office Mariehamn (Åland Island)

Elverksgatan 10
22100 Mariehamn, Finland

Office Helsinki

Eteläranta 10
00130 Helsinki, Finland