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Clean energy for EU islands

Energineering Solutions


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1 - 10
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COMPRESSTORE energy storage technology can lead island communities towards their sustainability goal

Energineering Solutions is a private partnership specializing in developing new feasible technologies and providing strategic advisory and project financing based on energy performance.

Founded on our 12 year history in energy & heat transfer solution designing, we have developed the sophisticated technical-breakthrough COMPRESSTORE, that efficiently stores energy from RES with minimal cost and environmental impact without any localization restrictions.

The COMPRESSTORE is not only supported scientifically by worlds' leading research institutions (CITY university of London, University of Ghent, KTH) and the IEA, but also addresses the investability requirements of the CAPEX & long term OPEX, so that short payback period and ensured optimum ROI are guaranteed.

Enjoy the benefits of collaborating with Energineering Solutions' team:

  • Small group of experts dedicated to your needs as interim managers or external contractors
  • Customized storage solution design deriving from a worldwide market research for best financial results for your case
  • Third Party Financing - Energy Performance Contract guarantees financial results and pay back
  • Holistic energy management guarantees maximum profits by cutting down implementation costs



GREECE: 1 Agion Apostolon str. (POB 2004) Marathon, 19007