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Clean energy for EU islands
15 June 2023

Upcoming launch: web platform for Island Energy Transition set to debut by end of June

Kornati Island

In 2023, a new project was initiated to establish an informative and educational web portal aimed at facilitating the energy transition on the Croatian islands. This unique platform, set to be published by the end of this month, will provide quick access to essential information regarding energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and the active participation of islanders in the transition process. The project's objectives include centralizing information, monitoring progress, sharing best practices, educating about the implementation and financing of renewable energy projects, raising public awareness, and promoting sustainable economic development and green job creation. Given recent global events and energy market challenges, this project holds significant importance for accelerating the energy transition on the islands, which often face power outages despite their abundant solar potential. The project is a continuation of the "Leader Islands of Clean Energy" initiative and receives funding from the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds and The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (EPEEF).

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