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15 June 2023

ITP instrument: 150 M EUR for Croatian Islands

Brac island

The instrument for the uniform development of the island was developed in cooperation with the Island Council. It is fully adapted to the islands and will enable the improvement of all levels of life on the island.

Croatia has about 50 inhabited islands, and along with Finland, it is the only member of the EU that has a Law on Islands. Now it has a new tool for achieving uniform development of all parts of Croatia – a territorial instrument, and within its framework of it, 150 million euros are planned for the islands and their development potential.

The new territorial instrument for the islands brings additional financial incentives to the development of the islands. According to the Ministry of Regional Development and Funds of the European Union, or as Minister Šime Erlić said: “In cooperation with the Island Council, a financial development instrument was developed that is specially adapted to the islands and will enable them to financially plan and implement their integrated investments.”

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