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Clean energy for EU islands

CE4EUislands forum 2023 - Panel Discussion: Making 100% renewable energy islands: Why and How?


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Participants: Pau de Vilchez Moragues from UIB (Spain), Reuben Irvine from the Island of Yell, Shetland (UK), Pauline Lucas from Euroheat and Power (Belgium), James Ellsmoor from Island Innovation (Portugal), Moderator Alexis Chatzimpiros – Samsø Energy Academy (Denmark)

Keynotes on climate change, clean energy and island communities about the urgency to act on decarbonisation, involving people through policy and citizens assemblies, as well as community climate action plans but also noting the lessons for global islands, overcoming challenges and showcasing replicable solutions.

Clean energy for EU islands forum 2023, 07 & 08 June 2023, Saaremaa, Estonia.