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Clean energy for EU islands

CE4EUIslands 2023 - Funding, financing and capacity building for Renewable Energy islands: What to expect?


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Participants: Amandine Gal – Econoler (Switzerland), Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida – RdA (Portugal), Alessandra Montanelli – NESOI

  • Funding for island energy projects is available through public funding and the market, but accessing it requires high-quality feasibility studies, cash flow forecasts, and comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) are an overlooked entry point for funding, as their long-term energy efficiency measures ensure self-sustainability.
  • Capacity building and public awareness sessions should be included as requirements in funding packages or public tenders to gain support from local communities and stakeholders.
  • Planning for energy transition should encompass holistic and horizontal dimensions to ensure successful buy-in from stakeholders.
  • Smaller island communities have a strong interest in decarbonizing their economies, but their projects are often too small to attract market investment, smaller investment options are needed.

Clean energy for EU islands forum 2023, 07 & 08 June, Saaremaa, Estonia.