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Aerial view from far away where the whole island of Saba is visible

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Saba continues to transition its fossil fuel electricity production to more renewable energy production since 2018. The island currently has 36-40% of solar PV energy and Battery in its energy production mix. Saba has proposed an expansion of its renewable energy production and penetration to 90% by 2025. Upon successful implementation of this project, Saba Electric company will have 6MWp of Solar PV, 17MWh battery storage and 0.5MW Wind energy mix with our generators becoming more of a standby generation facility with 4.3MVA capacity.

With 90% of RE generation in our distribution network comes the challenge to balance supply and demand and peak loads. The next iteration of grid modernisation would have to be smart meter technology and field monitoring controlling and forecasting devices to better manage the grid operability and grid optimisation.

Saba Electric is now planning to explore these technologies that will enable it to modernise the distribution grid seamlessly. We are engaging with experts to help us evaluate assess, and determine the feasibility of AMI, grid modernisation, electrification and E-mobility and the impact to the current and future RE supply and grid stability.