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Abbreviated form of legal source(s)

S.L. 368.02

Description of support scheme

Malta has exempted EVs from registration tax and the annual road license fee for 5 years from the date of registration.
Hybrid vehicles and motorcycles with a capacity of less than 250cc also benefit from incentives such as a lower registration tax and annual circulation tax.


The amount of both taxes depends on many factors and differs for different vehicles.
According to the Land Transport Directorate from Transport Malta, the annual licence fee varies depending on the type and CO2 exhaust of engine. For passenger vehicles registered on or after 01.01.2009 for the first 5 years, for which e-vehicles are exempted the fee, the fee for petrol cars lays between 100 € and 650 € and for diesel engines between 100 € and 749 € depending on CO2 exhaust of the engine per km.
The registration tax is calculated based on CIF. CIF includes the cost of the car, insurance and freight. In addition, there is a Є15 administration fee, Є70 for licence plates, vehicle license and VAT (18% on CIF).


Eligible for tax exemption are owners of EV.


When submitting the application for registering a vehicle, the owner is exempt from these taxes.

Competent authority

Transport Malta


Electric vehicle