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Subsidy (Support for Solar Water Heaters and collectors)

Abbreviated form of legal source(s)

G.N. 14/2021
G.N. 529/2018

Description of support scheme

Malta supports the installation of solar water heaters though a subsidy scheme.
The scheme was launched in 2018. It has been extended to 31st December 2021 or until funds are exhausted. Application is continuous. The chosen technology model and manufacturer must be registered with the REWS


The amount of grant for solar water heaters amounts to 50% of eligible costs and up to a maximum of € 700 (1st Schedule G.N. 529/2018).


This scheme is funded through national funds and applies to private individuals (natural persons) for use in their residential properties, and for organisations that are not carrying out an economic activity.


Eligible persons shall submit an application for a grant. Applicants shall attach the documents specified in the guidelines. The application can be downloaded at:
The grant is awarded after all criteria are met and the application has been approved.

Competent authority

Regulator for Energy and Water Services


Geothermal energy
Solar Thermal