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Biofuel quota (Law on biofuels)

Abbreviated form of legal source(s)

Law on biofuels

Description of support scheme

The law obliges fuel retailers for land transport to blend at least 7.6% of biofuels into their fuels as a general requirement across all fuel types. Additionally, at least 0.3% of these biofuels must be advanced biofuels. By way of exception to the general rule, petrol fuels only require a 5% share of biofuels. However, for petrol and diesel destined for consumers, at least 1% of the energy value of the fuel must be from sustainable fuels.
From 01/01/2022, the advanced biofuel quota will be increased from 0.3% to 0.9%.

Amount of quota and period of application

For 2021, at least 7.6% of the total energy value of fuel sold for land transport must be from biofuels. Additionally, at least 0.3% of the total energy value of the fuel must come from advanced biofuels.
From 2022, the advanced biofuel quota will increase to 0.9%, while the general quota of 7.6% remains unchanged.
By way of exception from the general rule, petrol fuel only requires a minimum of 5% of the energy value coming from biofuels.


Fuel retailers for land transport.


Fuel retailers must report yearly to DMoCEU on greenhouse gas emissions of the fuels and electricity delivered by the retailer in Denmark (§3a Law on biofuels).
The quota must be met by the end of each calendar year (§3(1) Law on biofuels); however, a deviation of 0.5% is allowed on the condition that the deviation is compensated the following year (§3(6) Law on biofuels).

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