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Subsidy (Subscription Heat Pumps)

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Executive Order on Subscription Heat Pumps

Description of support scheme

Under this scheme, heating customers of certain district heating companies that decide to close their supply are offered an advantageous individual heating solution through a subsidised electrically driven heat pumps on subscription. A total of EUR 9.4 million (DKK 70 million) will be allocated through the scheme in 2019 -2023 (Executive Order on Subscription Heat Pumps).


Up to EUR 2,017 (DKK 15,000) per heat pump can be awarded for one heat pump per address, not exceeding 45 % of the eligible costs (§ 3 Executive Order on Subscription Heat Pumps).


Under the scheme, suppliers of heat pumps on subscription, i.e., energy service providers, can apply for and receive the subsidy, which is then passed on to the individual heating customers via reduced installation costs. Certain organisational and financial requirements apply for the suppliers. For heating customers, it is a precondition that their district heating company had previously received the so-called ‘grundbeløbet’ support scheme according to §§58(1)(1) and (2) of the Electricity Supply Act (a State Aid scheme for heat suppliers until 2019) and that their district heating supplier had been closed by the municipality (§§ 1 and 6(2) and (4) Executive Order on Subscription Heat Pumps).


Suppliers of heat pumps on subscription first need to apply for pre-qualification through an online platform. DEA assesses the application and decides whether the applicant can be pre-qualified. When an interested costumer has been found, pre-qualified suppliers can apply for the subsidy through the online platform. The application must include i.a. a description of the project and documentation that the district heating supply at the address will be closed (§§ 4-7 Executive Order on Subscription Heat Pumps).

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