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Regulatory informationEnergy efficiency policies (EE)

Energy efficiency measure (Energy-saving Goals for Ministries)

Abbreviated form of legal source(s)

Circular on energy efficiency in the State’s institutions

Description of support scheme

Ministries are required to reduce energy consumption by 42,480 MWh compared to energy levels in 2020 in buildings they own and occupy and in buildings they occupy but do not own they must reduce energy consumption by 10% compared to 2020 by 2030. How these goals are achieved is left up to the individual minister.


All ministries and associated institutions


The individual ministries must document to the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities their energy use before the 1st of June of 2021. The total energy consumption in terms of electricity use, heating, cooling and use of water, as well as the size of the buildings occupied and total manhours worked for the institutions must be included in the report (§10 Circular on energy efficiency in the State’s institutions).
From 2022 and onwards, this report needs to be done every two years until 2030. The report must be sent to the Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen) (§11 Circular on energy efficiency in the State’s institutions).

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Energy production
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