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Prosumers (Net-Metering)

Abbreviated form of legal source(s)

  • Electricity Supply Act
  • Executive Order on Net-Metering


All electricity prosumers can be exempted, in whole or in part, from paying certain public tariffs and electricity tax on the electricity that they produce and consume within one hour (Executive Order on Net-Metering).


The electricity production installation must be owned in its entirety by the same legal entity as the electricity consumer and, depending on type, must be installed in a consumption installation or located at the place of consumption (§§ 3-4 Executive Order on Net-Metering).

Requirements and conditions  

An application for net-metering must be sent to DEA through an online platform before the project is initiated. There must be one application per installation, which must include inter alia information about the installation and documentation that the project has not been initiated. DEA assesses the application and notifies the applicant on whether the application can be provisionally approved (§ 6 Executive Order on Net-Metering). The installation must be connected within two years of receiving an approval from the DEA (§ 8(2) Executive Order on Net-Metering).
When the installation has been grid connected an application for a final approval of net-metering must be sent to DEA through the online platform. This must be done within 30 days from grid connection. If the installation has not been connected to the grid within two years from the provisional approval, a new provisional approval is required (§ 9(2)(4) Executive Order on Net-Metering).

Financial support

Solar PV installations with a capacity up to 50 kW, wind turbines with a capacity up to 25 kW and other electricity production installations with a capacity up to 11 kW can be exempted from all public tariffs, while installation that exceed these limits can be excepted from parts of these (§§ 3-4 Executive Order on Net-Metering).

Type of energy sharing

  • Prosumers: Relevant