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Clean energy for EU islands

Clean energy for EU islands workshop: Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings in Warm Climates

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Within the framework of the technical assistance provided to the 30for2030 islands and islands groups, special attention is placed on providing the local teams with tools and knowledge to support them in the development of RE and EE projects.

With this objective, the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat is organising a series of 20 workshops over the course of three years, to promote capacity building on relevant topics.

The workshops are held in person on selected islands, and involve representatives from the island transition teams of a varying number of interested islands. A knowledge-sharing strategy is envisioned after each workshop in order for all the 30for2030 islands and islands groups to benefit from all the discussions taking place. This workshop, focused on the topic of "Energy efficiency and energy savings in warm climates", is part of this series.

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Aminess Liburna Hotel, Korčula

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