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Clean energy for EU islands

All Set for Net-Zero – Solutions to Decarbonise Italy’s Islands

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The workshop is organised under the EU Horizon initiative IANOS, which is developing and applying tailor-made solutions for decarbonising geographical islands. IANOS supports pilot initiatives on the transition to net-zero at national and European level, addressing decarbonisation challenges the energy, mobility and heating sectors are facing on the lighthouse islands of Ameland (Netherlands) and Terceira (Portugal), as well as on the fellow Islands of Lampedusa (Italy), Nisyros (Greece) and Bora Bora (French Polynesia). In this process, IANOS fosters citizens and stakeholder participation in the deployment of green technologies and energy efficiency, incl. through outreach and consultation, events, trainings and other capacity-buildung.

The stakeholder workshop is themed around climate and energy policies and supporting initiatives at EU, national and island level, with emphasis on renewable energy solutions for Italy’s islands and decarbonisation pathways for IANOS fellow island of Lampedusa. We look forward to hear from our prolific experts on trends and opportunities that are driving the transformation of energy systems and markets on EU and Italian islands, with the prospect to integrate higher RES shares and very importantly, get citizens and local stakeholders involved and engaged into decarbonisation iniatives – for instance through collective self-consumption, energy communities and joint energy efficiency schemes.

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