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UCL Islands Laboratory


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11 - 50
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Research on Islands without borders

Islands Laboratory at UCL is a hub of researchers from different disciplines (mathematics, computer science, law, economics, environment, anthropology, engineering, architecture) who merge their powers to deliver cutting edge research, with he aim to understand essential connections between energy resource nexus, the environment, economy and society and how to research them. To achieve important global goals, such as those embodied in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), related to wellbeing, health, economic development, equity, we will simultaneously need better management and governance of natural resources everywhere.

Islands Laboratory have the following objectives:

  • Conduct interdisciplinary research on climate change, through whole energy systems dynamic modelling and resource nexus approaches; 
  • In-depth insights in transforming islands into 'sustainable circular hubs' to accelerate the transition to a sustainable environment and circular economy
  • Insights and guidance for disaster risk management both man-made (e.g. plastic waste) and natural disasters (e.g droughts, heatwaves, floods)
  • Knowledge transfer through (i) professional courses for decision makers, businesses and investors, industry and public sectors, and (ii) teaching courses for students



Central House

14 Upper Woburn Place