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Clean energy for EU islands

Clean energy for EU island forum 2024

Discover the transformative potential of clean energy on EU islands at the Clean energy for EU islands forum 2024. Taking place in Pantelleria, Italy, on 14-15 May 2024, this forum embodies the theme "The power of islands: building resilience through renewables."Following a rigorous selection process, 30 islands and island groups have been chosen for support in achieving a fully renewable energy supply.

The Journey Begins 30 Renewable Islands for 2030 - Ready, Set, 30!

The EU islands' call for applications of interest for 30 renewable islands for 2030 has concluded, and the EU islands secretariat is thrilled to announce the selection of 30 islands and island groups from 10 European countries ready to lead the way towards a sustainable future. The mission was clear: to identify and provide technical support to 30 islands and island groups over the next three years, propelling them towards complete energy independence through 100% renewable sources by 2030.

Study on regulatory barriers and recommendation for clean energy transition on EU islands

While islands are particularly vulnerable to climate change, they enjoy a naturally high potential of renewable energy sources to harness. Many islands have abundant renewable energy potential, which can be tapped to lead decarbonisation. However, access to reliable, clean and competitive sources of energy remains a main concern of island communities in the EU. Although it is often technically and financially possible to develop renewable energy projects on islands, legal and regulatory frameworks, whether EU, national, regional or local, are not always fitfor purpose.

30 for 30 - Fejø

Join Anne-Grethe, Finn and Jen from Fejø, Denmark,  as they share their excitement about their island community's journey towards renewable energy in this video. The Fejø team is part of the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat's call for 30 renewable islands by 2030. Despite their collaborative efforts, the island's current windmills, including a 75 KW one, fall short of meeting electricity demand. Nonetheless, the team remains hopeful that this transition project will unify the community and unlock the potential for additional green energy sources.

30 for 30 - San Pietro

In this video, Mayor of Carloforte on San Pietro Island in Italy, Stefano Rombi, speaks about the support by the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat for tackling energy poverty and embracing renewable energy within the framework of the 30 for 2030 call. The video highlights the secretariat's interdisciplinary expertise and plans of the island in the areas of wind energy, socio-economic and environmental impact assessment, and support for photovoltaic energy.

Views from the Islands: How does the European Commission Create Legislation with and for EU Islands?

In this episode of Views from the Islands, Eero Ailio, Policy Adviser on Energy Transition and Local Governance at the European Commission DG Energy, speaks about policy making and legislation at the European Commission and how islanders are involved in the process. He takes into account the important role that islands could have as energy producers and providers for the mainland in the future. Ailio continues to emphasise the importance of community behind the clean energy transition highlighting knowledge sharing. 

Views from the Islands: What is the Significance of Energy Communities for the Clean Energy Transition on Islands?

In this episode of Views from the Islands Pau de Vilchez Moragues, Chair of the Climate Change Committee of the Balearic Islands, and Alexis Chatzimpiros, International Coordinator at the Samsø Energy Academy, are speaking about the significance of energy communities for the clean energy transition on EU islands. They also discuss the chances, economic benefits and challenges that climate change and the energy transition pose for EU islands and their communities. 

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