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Clean energy for EU islands

Clean energy for EU islands forum 2023 | 7- 8 JUNE – Agenda available!

30 for 30 | 30 renewable islands for 2030

In 2023 we will select 30 islands that want to become fully renewable by 2030. Achieving fully renewable-energy-powered islands is the North Star objective for the third phase of the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat. At the #CE4EUislands forum 2023, we will discuss all the building blocks to be able to achieve that ambition.

Study on regulatory barriers and recommendation for clean energy transition on EU islands

While islands are particularly vulnerable to climate change, they enjoy a naturally high potential of renewable energy sources to harness. Many islands have abundant renewable energy potential, which can be tapped to lead decarbonisation. However, access to reliable, clean and competitive sources of energy remains a main concern of island communities in the EU. Although it is often technically and financially possible to develop renewable energy projects on islands, legal and regulatory frameworks, whether EU, national, regional or local, are not always fitfor purpose.

Report: Technical Assistance for A Illa de Arousa

This Technical Assistance aims to support the electrification of A Illa de Arousa's port and mussel farming activities. The wind potential and solar potential of the island were analyzed, indicating that a small-scale wind turbine and ground-mounted solar PV system could generate significant electricity. The future energy consumption of the port was estimated, and different charging profiles for the electrified vessels were created.

Report: Technical Assistance for Ceantar na nOileán

The island Ceantar na nOileán applied for technical assistance under the Clean Energy Transition for Ceantar na nOileán project. The Island Clean Energy Transition Agenda, developed by the local community, outlines a shared vision for the island's clean energy transition. A draft of Part I of the agenda has been created, and a public meeting was held to discuss the development of the agenda, with insights shared from the Danish island of Samsø.

CE4EUIslands Call for Videos - Canary Islands

The stunning Canary Islands are leading the way in clean energy innovation. With their abundant natural resources and commitment to sustainability, the islands have become a hub for renewable energy development. Solar power, wind farms, and advanced energy storage systems are just a few of the technologies being harnessed to meet the islands' energy needs while reducing carbon emissions. The Canary Islands' dedication to clean energy not only ensures a greener future but also promotes economic growth and job creation in the renewable energy sector.

CE4EUIslands Call for Videos - Chalki

The idyllic island of Chalki is making remarkable strides in the realm of clean energy. Situated in the Aegean Sea, Chalki has embraced renewable energy sources to power its community. Through the installation of solar panels, the island has significantly reduced its reliance on traditional fossil fuels. This commitment to clean energy not only benefits the environment but also ensures a sustainable future for the island's residents. Chalki serves as an inspiring example of how small communities can contribute to the global shift towards clean and renewable energy solutions.

CE4EUIslands Call for Videos - Astypalea

The captivating island of Astypalea, located in the Aegean Sea, has become a frontrunner in clean energy transformation. Astypalea is revolutionising the public transport system with electric on-demand busses. With the support of the Greek government and private partners, the island is implementing an integrated system that includes electric vehicles, solar panels, and energy storage solutions. By transitioning away from fossil fuels, Astypalea aims to reduce its carbon emissions and promote eco-friendly transportation.

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