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17 April 2024

Water Stories

Visual EU Policy Lab

The EU Policy Lab (Joint Research Centre, European Commission) just started collecting citizens' and stakeholders' real-life experiences in relation with water, in any of its aspects.

Water is life, and it underpins our economies, societies, and the natural world. Our connections with water can deeply affect our emotions, thoughts, and actions, often in ways that we don't immediately realise. 

Whether you are a person working directly or indirectly with water that has a story to tell, or a European citizen for whom this natural element triggers particular thoughts, feelings or experiences - we invite you to share them with us!

Anything goes, as long as it is connected to water. Every story is welcome, and every voice is important as we seek to understand the many different ways in which water touches our lives.

After writing your story, you will be able to explore your own experience through a set of questions. Thousands of stories will be collected across Europe. In this way, we can build a rich understanding of the ways in which Europeans' lives connect to water.

The average time to participate in this narrative survey is 15 to 20 minutes.

Please note that your participation in this narrative survey is entirely voluntary and your involvement is anonymous. We kindly request that you abstain from including any details that may compromise your own or others' identities.

By participating, you give us and researchers associated with us, permission to analyse your story and responses.

Should you have any inquiries prior to, during, or after completion of the narrative survey, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We highly encourage you to participate in this 15/20-min innovative survey (all EU languages are available). 

Deadline for completing the survey: 30 April 2024