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Clean energy for EU islands
20 May 2021

Views from the Islands

The Clean energy for EU islands secretariat had launched a Call for Videos in April 2021 with the deadline of May 15 for submissions. The goal of this call was to gather impressions from EU islands that are in the middle of their transition to clean energy to show a combined composition at the Clean energy for EU islands forum. In Jan Cornillie’s words as Project director for the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat (3E), ”The energy transition agenda is not about the EU island secretariat or about Brussels – it is about the islands and the great community work”.

There are approximately 2,000 islands with various geographical conditions, sizes of population and territory in the EU. Islands are known for their special feel and among the most popular destinations for tourists. However, is especially difficult for islands to create and import energy since they are often not connected to continental electricity grids. The consequence is a high amount of fossil fuel consumption, not only for energy production and heating, but also for transport to and from the islands. This makes energy more expensive than in other regions. Switching to renewables is an important step, not only for the environment, but also for the energy security of islands. There are various possibilities to use an island’s potential for renewable energy technologies such as wind turbines, solar farms, or wave energy. EU islands can be pioneers in the EU clean energy transition. Therefore, solutions, projects, and ambitions need to be shared to inspire other islands.

The secretariat’s Call for Videos aims at spreading the awareness of clean energy projects on EU islands to inspire others and facilitate the usage of renewable energy and implementation of new project. With its resources, the secretariat is here to help islands to submit a transition agenda and guide them in the process to the implementation of their projects. The secretariat received a total of nine submissions, seven of which were eligible to be shown at the forum. Submissions include Greek, Danish, Italian, and Finnish islands with projects at various stages of implementation.


Watch the combined video “Views from the islands” and get inspired!


Watch the islands’ individual videos below and learn more about their projects, struggles, accomplishments, and motivation.

Samsø Island


Tilos Island


Pantelleria Island 


La Palma Island


Kökar Island 


Chalki Island


Agios Efstratios