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08 April 2019

Palma City Council sets up municipal energy distributor

On 28 March, Palma City Council on the Spanish island of Mallorca approved a proposal to create a municipal public energy distributor, via EMAYA. The proposal was the result of months of work aimed at promoting municipal energy sovereignty, increasing the production and consumption of renewable energy by the City Council and reducing the emissions that cause climate change.

Having a municipal energy sales organization will also mean significant financial savings - by eliminating marketing, reducing consumption, improving efficiency both in energy consumption and production, the savings can add up to 20%.

After months of technical work, last November, a commission made up of various municipal agencies had been created, which prepared a report on the social, financial, technical and legal aspects of the municipal energy sales activity. In February, favorable reports had been issued on this new economic activity by the Department of Legal Services, Intervention and Expenditure Control, which confirm the economic and social sustainability of the proposal.

The report proposed the municipal public company EMAYA as the executing body for this function, due to its previous experience in the production of energy (solar and biogas), its ownership of a gas station for its vehicles and a trained technical team, among other experiences in energy matters.

Click here to learn more about the proposal (in Spanish).