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Clean energy for EU islands
17 November 2023

The NESOI platform

Visual of NESOI platform

The NESOI platform is underpinned by explicit goals designed to facilitate a sustainable shift towards clean energy. While it does not exclusively focus on specific categories, it has predominantly extended invitations to island stakeholders, including local governing bodies, energy agencies, project developers, and technology providers, due to the historical trajectory of the project. The platform establishes a forum for the exchange of optimal practices, experiences, and pioneering solutions, all with the overarching aim of expediting the assimilation of renewable energy technologies and energy-efficient measures within island regions.

Recognizing the individualized challenges and opportunities intrinsic to each island locale, the platform dispenses specialized counsel to bolster the inception and implementation of sustainable energy initiatives. Its central mission is to tend to the particular requirements of islands and empower them to surmount impediments in their expedition toward sustainable energy, inclusive of the provision of guidance on accessing diverse financial resources, the contribution of technical expertise, and the provision of capacity enhancement initiatives.

In terms of technical specifications, the NESOI platform furnishes a user-friendly digital interface functioning as a central repository of information, resources, and utilities. It additionally facilitates networking and alliance creation opportunities, enabling islands to establish connections with prospective project partners, financiers, and domain experts, thereby amplifying the scope and impact of their sustainable initiatives.

Furthermore, the NESOI platform is actively involved in recognizing and championing innovative technologies and business frameworks tailored to the distinctive circumstances of island settings. This encompasses the presentation of successful exemplar cases that offer inspiration to other islands to adopt avant-garde solutions and replicate successful models across diverse geographic territories.

To conclude, the NESOI platform functions as an all-inclusive support system, empowering European islands to navigate the transition towards sustainable energy systems. This is achieved by bestowing knowledge, resources, and bespoke assistance to unlock their full potential in the realm of renewable energy.

Please find the platform here