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Clean energy for EU islands
28 September 2020

Mallorca begins the dialogue days on energy transition, framed within the European Clean Energy for EU Project Islands.

On 24 September, the transition team of Mallorca organised a workshop to help advance the energy transition process on the island. The workshop started a dialogue with the main socio-economic actors of the island, who shared their perspectives and opinions on the energy sector, as well as concrete proposals that can complete Mallorca's energy transition roadmap.

The Balearic Islands are very aware of the link between energy and climate change, and how the consumption of fossil fuels needed for energy production contributes to increasing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

The importance of citizen participation as the main engine of change and progress towards sustainability was highlighted during the workshop, as well as the need to change the current energy model, reduce energy consumption (and associated emissions), improve energy savings and efficiency in buildings and scale up the implementation of renewable technologies.

The workshop, which is part of Mallorca's Clean Energy Transition Agenda process (a strategy document developed in collaboration with the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat), took place at the campus of the University of the Balearic Islands, with the support of the Ministry of Energy Transition and Productive Sectors of the Government of the Balearic Islands. Keynote speakers included General Director Aitor Urresti and on behalf of the EU Islands Secretariat Pau de Vílchez, Deputy Director of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Change Climate (LINCC) of the University of the Balearic Islands.

More than 30 participants joined the workshop. In order to continue the participatory process between the other social and economic agents of the islands, the second day of dialogue on the energy transition will take place on 22 October in Mallorca.

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