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04 October 2021

Island Innovation Awards 2021: Dedicated to islanders driving positive change

You can now apply for the Island Innovation Awards 2021 until 05 November 2021

What are the awards about? 

The Island Innovation Awards aim to recognise individuals, organisations, and technologies driving positive change for remote and island communities all over the world. There are 12 award categories connected to sustainability that islands can apply to and are judged by an esteemed JuryThe selection and judging will be a highly transparent process, ensuring the integrity of the process and validating the winners taking place between 10 and 24 November.  On 2 December, the finalists for teach category will be announced. The awards ceremony will then take place on 8 December. The focus of the awards will be on sharing the how of success from the winners, so other communities may benefit.

For more information on the Jury and the award, click here

To apply to one of the 12 categories, click here