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28 March 2024

FEDARENE Launches ‘Sustainable Regions in Action’: A Visionary Blueprint for Europe’s Energy Future

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FEDARENE sets the stage for Europe’s energy transformation with the launch of ‘Sustainable Regions in Action.’ As we confront global challenges, the pivotal role of European regions and their energy agencies becomes increasingly apparent. Join them as they navigate towards a resilient, sustainable energy future.

In the wake of global challenges, from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine to the pressing need for climate protection stewardship, the role of European regions and their energy agencies has never been more critical. FEDARENE, is proud to present ‘Sustainable Regions in Action’ as a comprehensive guide, outlining our vision, mission, and political recommendations for the new members of the European Parliament and Commission.

Indeed, ‘Sustainable Regions in Action’ not only presents our vision and recommendations formalised in the federation’s Manifesto, but also offers ready-to-replicate and ready-to-upscale solutions from our members across all areas of the energy transition. From local energy savings campaigns to renewable energy communities and innovative business models, these projects demonstrate the tangible impact of collaborative efforts towards a greener Europe.

Find the publication here.